Keeping us all safe at Dingley Dell during COVID-19 

I’m very pleased to be opening Dingley Dell again.  I have had to make several adjustments to the way we operate to minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19 and these are shown below.

First, we must ask that if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or feel unwell, have any cold/flu like symptoms and /or a temperature you should not attend classes. If you have been socialising with anyone who has Covid then please do not come to Dingley Dell and contact us asap.

We have looked at all the government guidelines and carried out a risk assessment to identify sensible measures we can all take to minimise the risk. My class procedures follow guidance provided by the Canine and Feline Sector Group (CFSG). We will keep these under review and make any necessary changes as required.

There are three very important measures which we need to keep in force at all times for everyone who works at or visits the farm

  • Regular hand washing/sanitisation and surface cleaning
  • Maintaining strict social distances
  • Good air ventilation in the barn

Please bring face masks with you to classes.

Cleanliness measures

We are cleaning/disinfecting surfaces and gates.

Equipment should only be moved if gloves are worn.  Hand-sanitisers are in place at the hand washing station, gates and waiting areas. Please also feel free to bring your own hand-sanitisers and gloves if you wish.

Social distances

Please keep at least 2m apart at all times. Course-walking at agility will be staggered into small groups and everyone will need to keep 2m apart.

All clients must wait in their cars until the previous class has left the area.

Reducing Capacity to avoid overcrowding

This means reducing class sizes and for all normal training activities this is to be 1 instructor and up to 5 attendees.

Any additional personnel (spouses, partners, drivers, children etc) must wait in their cars in the car park and avoid contact with others.


The instructor will be the only person permitted to open gates (except in the case of emergency) and will routinely sanitize these fittings.

Food and drink

Apart from personal bottled water and hot drink flasks, food and drinks are not permitted at the farm. Please bring your own water and bowl for you dog, sharing is not allowed.

 Puppy/Dog Training  

To comply with Government guidance, there are some changes to the usual training programme and therefore any exercises which would normally facilitate interaction with other people or puppies have been adapted.  Puppies/dogs will not be permitted to be off lead at any point or to play with each other during the training session.  This is to ensure that owners can maintain social distancing and as it is likely that the virus can be carried and survive on fur, close puppy to puppy contact, such as Puppy Play will not be included unless we can ensure there is no risk of a transfer of the virus. 

Disinfectant antiviral wipes/spray (Leucillin anti-viral spray) specifically for animals, are available should any accidental contact be made between dogs or people.  This is for everyone’s safety and confidence so please do not be offended if your dog is wiped or if someone requests their dog is wiped after contact with you or your dog. All dogs must be kept on a short lead at all times, no extendable leads.

All these measures will be kept under review and adjusted as Government guidelines and instructions permit.

We look forward to seeing you at Dingley Dell again soon and ask you to do all you can to help us to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

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